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Policy Assessment

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Implications of Environmental Tax Reform in Europe for Household Distribution

In a literature review, Ecologic Institute examined the effects of environmental tax reforms on the distribution of wealth among different population groups. The review, which contributed to a study commissioned by the European Environment Agency, was included in a book publication offering in-depth assessments of experiences with environmental tax reforms and the benefits such a reform could bring about when implemented at a larger scale throughout Europe.Read more

Emerging Climate Change Coastal Adaptation Strategies and Case Studies around the World

Climate change and ongoing transformations in the economy and agriculture will have numerous, strong impacts on the Baltic Region. The book "Global Change and Baltic Coastal Zones" provides comprehensive information on these changes, their consequences and the practical challenges they pose. Grit Martinez and Daniel Blobel from Ecologic Institute, along with co-authors Livia Bizikova (International Institute for Sustainable Development) and Rob Swart (Alterra Wageningen University and Research Centre), contributed a comparative analysis of climate change adaptation projects and strategies in different coastal regions of the world. The publication is supported by the RADOST project (Regional Adaptation Strategies for the German Baltic Sea Coast), which Ecologic Institute coordinates.Read more

Evaluation of the Europe 2020 Strategy

May 2011 to June 2011

The goal of this project was to examine the 27 National Reform Programmes prepared by the Member States as part of the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy and in preparation of the first European Semester. The Committee of the Regions was conducting this analysis together with Ecologic Institute and its partners WU/RIMAS, ICLEI and PSI to examine to what extent the NRPs reflect the roles, inputs, and needs of local and regional authorities. The project report "The Role of Local and Regional Authorities in the Europe 2020 National Reform Programmes" is available for download.

Read more

Assessment of Electric Vehicle and Battery Technology

Impacts of Electric Vehicles - Deliverable 2
Duleep, Gopalakrishnan; Huib van Essen; Bettina Kampman et. al. 2011: Assessment of Electric Vehicle and Battery Technology. Impacts of Electric Vehicles - Deliverable 2. ICF/CE Delft/Ecologic Institute, Delft.Read more


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