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Security Policy

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Responding to Environmental Conflicts: Implications for Theory and Practice

January 1998 to December 2002

In January 1999, Ecologic conducted the workshop on "Responding to Environmental Conflicts: Implications for Theory and Practice". The aim was to discuss how to prevent environmental conflicts using approaches in different policy fields. In particular, non-governmental ways to tackle the complex dynamics of this type of conflict were considered.

From 21-23 January 1999, Ecologic Institute directed in collaboration with the Zrínyi Miklós University of National Defence in Budapest, Hungary, a NATO Advance Research Workshop (ARW) entitled "Responding toRead more

Risks of Anthropogenic Environmental Changes for International Security

July 1997 to March 1999

The risks and consequences of the anthropogenic environmental impact for international security are analyzed and evaluated by Ecologic in this project.

In the course of the NATO/CCMS Pilot Study "Environment and Security in an International Context" initiated by Germany, Ecologic analyzes and evaluates the risks and consequences of the anthropogenic environmental impact for international security and in addition proposes alternatives for international security policy. The study focuses on the evaluation of the consequences of the greenhouse effect -Read more

NATO/CCMS Pilot Study - Environment and Security in an International Contex

State of the Art and Perspectives
Carius, Alexander; Sebastian Oberthür; Melanie Kemper and Detlef Sprinz 1996: NATO/CCMS Pilot Study. Environment and Security in an International Context. State of the Art and Perspectives. Interim Report. Ecologic (in cooperation with Potsdam Institute for Climate Research Impact), Berlin.Read more

Environmental Security in the Arctic Ocean

The book "Environmental Security in the Arctic Ocean" (Springer) documents the proceedings of the 2010 NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) in Cambridge (United Kingdom) that was initiated and co-convened by Ecologic Institute. The partners were the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge and the Russian Academy of Sciences. In the book chapter "Transatlantic Policy Options to Address the Rapidly Changing Arctic," Sandra Cavalieri and R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic Institute present policy options for the EU and the US for addressing challenges in the changing Arctic, summarizing key findings of the transatlantic Arctic Transform dialogue.

Water security and economic growth in emerging economies

The objective of the conference "The new politics of water", organized by Chatham House on the 14-15th June 2011 in London, was to address key issues around water security and economic growth in emerging economies. Jennifer Möller-Gulland, Researcher at Ecologic Institute, participated at this conference and highlighted the main discussion topics in the following.

CLICO meeting in Berlin – discussion on human security

"Security" is a much wider concept today than it was just some decades ago. Today, the concept is applied not only to new and diffuse military threats such as global terrorism but has been broadened to include additional areas such as food, water, health and other issues, of which many are intimately related to the environment and to its protection. But is this shift helpful for the environment and/or for populations under duress? What are the implications for the world's most conflicted and environmentally fragile regions? These questions formed the basis of discussions during a recent meeting of the CLICO project hosted by Ecologic Institute from 16 to 18 February 2011 in Berlin.


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