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Soil Protection Policies within the European Union

9 November 1998 to 11 November 1998
The objective of the workshop "Soil Protection within the European Union", which took place on 9 - 11 November 1998 in Bonn, is to present and to discuss the different strategies and options for protecting soils on the European level. This is the first time that the development of soil protection policies is treated as a separate policy area and that it makes the subject of an European workshop. Read more

Stakeholders' Perceptions on the Role of Soil Organic Carbon

The CIRCASA-Team would like to ask for your views on the role of the role of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) management for climate change mitigation and sustainable development. The survey is part of the H2020 CIRCASA project. The aim of CIRCASA is to improve international research cooperation and strengthen the international research community in the field of soil carbon sequestration in agricultural soils at European Union and global levels. To support this aim a Strategic Research Agenda is being co-designed with stakeholders. This Strategic Research Agenda will outline priorities for the alignment of international research.


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