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Testing the Carbon Calculator

EU wide Farm‐level Carbon Calculator
Elbersen, B.S. (Ed.); Andersen, E.; Frelih‐Larsen, A.; Jones, P.; Kuikman, P.; Naumann, S.; Oñate, J; Staritsky, I.; Von Toggenburg, J. (2013). EU wide Farm‐level Carbon Calculator. Lot 2: Testing the Carbon Calculator Deliverables 2.1 and 3.2. to the Institute of Environment and Sustainability (JRC/IES). Alterra‐Wageningen.Read more

Data Availability at Farm Level for Farms Across EU-27

EU wide Farm-level Carbon Calculator
Kuikman, P.J., E. Andersen, B.S. Elbersen, A. Frelih Larsen, P.J. Jones, S. Naumann, J.J. Oñate, I. Staritsky (2013). EU wide Farm-level Carbon Calculator: data availability at farm level for farms across EU-27. A report on Deliverable 1 to the Institute of Environment and Sustainability (JRC/IES) by Alterra - WageningenUR, Wageningen, The Netherlands. 73 pp.Read more

Global Land Use and Sustainability (GLOBALANDS)

September 2011 to June 2014
August 2012 to June 2015
The pressure on land and natural resources is increasing worldwide. While there are many sectoral policies tackling different environmental problems, land use is not regulated in an integrated and overarching way. The discussion on sustainable biofuels and biomass highlights the continued lack of an effective and innovative framework to deal with complex land-use issues. The aim of the GLOBALANDS project is to identify existing land use policies and develop possible governance tools towards a more resource efficient and sustainable global land use.Read more

Sustainable and Climate Friendly Soil Management (SmartSOIL)

November 2011 to October 2015

Farming practices exert an important influence over soil functions, soil organic matter and carbon stocks, which in turn are essential to regulating greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. SmartSOIL is an EU-funded project which will develop an innovative approach assessing the impact of farm management on soil organic carbon stocks, crop productivity and other ecosystem services. SmartSOIL will develop a decision support tool to enable farmers, advisors and policy makers to discuss and select the most appropriate and cost-effective practices for different farming systems, soils andRead more

FP7-project SmartSOIL: Kick-off Meeting in Brussels

10 November 2011 to 11 November 2011

How can research contribute to the reversal of soil degradation by improving soil carbon management in European arable and mixed farming systems? This is the central subject of the new FP7-project SmartSOIL and was discussed in the project kick-off meeting held on 10 and 11 November 2011 in Brussels. Ecologic Institute is a core partner in the SmartSOIL consortium, responsible...Read more

Seminar of Current Developments in German and EU Environmental Law

24 October 2011

On 24 and 25 October  2011, Stephan Sina, Senior Fellow at Ecologic Legal, and Gesa Homann, Researcher at Ecologic Institute, held a seminar on current issues in German and European environmental law at the Berlin Academy of Public Administration (Verwaltungsakademie Berlin).

This was the second time since 2010 that staff of Ecologic Institute have organized an event of this kind. The Berlin Academy of Public Administration is the primary institute for the training and postgraduate education of civil servants in the German Federal State of Berlin.

At the seminarRead more

First LEDDRA Plenary Meeting in Yichang, China

Responses to soil erosion in agricultural areas in China as well as the exchange of experiences as regards good practice in the EU in soil conservation management and monitoring were among the subjects of the first plenary meeting of the FP7-project LEDDRA. The meeting took place in Yichang (China) from 27 to 30 April 2011 and was organised by the Changjing River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI). Ruta Landgrebe and Sandra Naumann participated as representatives of Ecologic Institute.

Commentary on the German PRTR law

September 2010 to January 2011

Ecologic Institute writes a legal commentary on the German PRTR-Act. Under this law and an EU-Regulation, operators of certain installations in Germany have to report data on pollutants for publication in a German as well as to a European pollutant release and transfer register (PRTR). The legal commentary is mainly addressed at authorities and operators to facilitate the application of the rules without in-depth knowledge on their legal background.Read more

Establishing Environmental Sustainability Thresholds and Indicators

Final Report
Knowing the limits of the planet’s ability to provide resources and absorb pollutants is directly linked to debates on the limits to growth. Together with their partners from SERI, Ecologic Institute analysed environmental thresholds and associated indicators for monitoring unsustainable trends caused by human activity that could lead to the crossing of environmental thresholds in Europe. The areas covered are freshwater quality and quantity, soil erosion, and nonrenewable resource consumption. The report is available for download.Read more

Land and Ecosystem Degradation and Desertification: Assessing the Fit of Responses (LEDDRA)

April 2010 to March 2014

The Ecologic Institute is a part of LEDDRA consortium. Launched in April 2010, the project will add new and will refine existing scientific and policy-relevant knowledge, especially within a cross-national context in the perspective of elaborating scientifically sound practices and informed policies to combat land and ecosystem degradation and desertification. A brochure was published that represents the LEDDRA philosophy, approach, objectives, methodology, case study sites and partners and can be downloaded.


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