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Sustainable Soil Protection in Germany

January 1999 to March 2000

Aiming at the generation of a concrete concept of sustainable soil protection, the analysis of the current situation of soil protection and the development of options for further actions to be taken in the field of soil protection policy in Germany, this project elaborates a set of criteria and principles for sustainable soil use.

The objective of this study is to develop a precise concept of sustainable soil protection, to analyse the current situation of soil protection and to develop options for further actions to be taken in the field of soil protection policy in Germany. For theRead more


Scientific Basis for a Precautionary Soil Protection

September 1999 to November 1999
This project's report outlines the existing opportunities for extensive precautionary soil protection from a scientific point of view. It will be a part of the expert report "Possibilities for an Extensive Soil Protection" of the Scientific Advisory Council for Soil Protection of the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.Read more

Soil Protection Policies within the European Union

9 November 1998 to 11 November 1998
The objective of the workshop "Soil Protection within the European Union", which took place on 9 - 11 November 1998 in Bonn, is to present and to discuss the different strategies and options for protecting soils on the European level. This is the first time that the development of soil protection policies is treated as a separate policy area and that it makes the subject of an European workshop. Read more

Kommunales Flächenressourcenmanagement

Visionen für Politik und Forschung
The Workshop Summary provides an overview of the very complex issue presented from different perspectives at the Workshop on "Land Use Planning and Management at the Local Level". The emphasis of the summary is on the results of the working groups, which analysed current challenges regarding land use management, elaborated recommendations and identified research needs. The workshop summary is available for download.Read more

Assessing the Economic Impacts of Soil Degradation

Volume Ill: Empirical Estimation of the Impacts
Görlach, B., R. Landgrebe-Trinkunaite, E. Interwies, M. Bouzit, D. Darmendrail and J.-D. Rinaudo (2004): Assessing the Economic Impact of Soil Degradation. Volume IV: Executive Summary. Study commissioned by The European Commisson, DG Environment, Sudy Contract ENV.B.1/ETU/2003/0024. Berlin: EcologicRead more


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