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Estimating Net Migration By Ecosystem and By Decade: 1970‐2010

Tanja Srebotnjak, Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute, contributed to a project undertaken by the Columbia University Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) to estimate net migration by ecosystem over the four decades from 1970 to 2010. The project report is available for download.Read more

Industries of the Future - Symposium

9 May 2011
United States

A symposium on "Industries of the Future: Economic Growth through Clean Energy and Clean Jobs" took place at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia on 9 May 2011 as a part of Georgia Tech's Europe Day Celebrations. The event was hosted by Ecologic Institute, the German Embassy,...Read more

A Gobal Water Quality Index and Hot-Deck Imputation of Missing Data

Together with co-authors Alexander de Sherbinin (Columbia University), Genevieve Carr (Northern Oil and Gas Branch, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada) and Carrie Rickwood (Natural Resources Canada) Tanja Srebotnjak, Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute, published a study in the journal Ecological Indicators on the design and testing of a global water quality index.Read more

Advancement of Resource Policy

February 2011 to July 2011

The project "Advancement of Resource Policy" develops new communicative approaches for fostering a broad societal debate on resource efficiency. The final report is available for download.

A growing world population, continued economic growth and increases in consumption in developed and developing countries lead to a significant increase of global resource use. This entails massive economic, ecological, social and security implications. Hence, resource efficiency is an economic, ecological and social imperative.

The project "Advancement of Resource Policy"Read more

Introduction to German and European Environmental Policy (德国及欧洲环境政策介绍)

28 March 2011

Successive policy challenges and EU enlargement have added layers of policy, legislation, and institutions to create the current European system for addressing environment, climate, energy, and sustainable development. R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic Institute speak on policy international policy learning before a GIZ delegation from China in.Read more

Europäische und nationale Nachhaltigkeitsanforderungen bei der energetischen Nutzung von Biomasse

With the plenary speech of the 3rd bioenergy forum Dr. Bernhard Dreher from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and Jessica Löhndorf, Fellow at Ecologic Institute introduce the European sustainability requirements for biofuels and vegetable oils, which were transposed into German legislation in 2009. Germany was the first member state to implement the sustainability certification in Europe. The authors explain their practical implementation in Germany.Read more

OPEN:EU Workshop on the Footprint Family of Indicators & IN-STREAM Workshop on Sustainability Indicators (focus on biodiversity)

8 February 2011 to 9 February 2011
This joint event was part of two FP7 projects: OPEN:EU and INSTREAM and was organised by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) and Ecologic Institute Berlin. It brought together experts, statisticians, policy makers and representatives of civil society organisations to discuss and share experiences on how to improve the use of indicators to assess progress on economic and sustainability goals.Read more

British-German Environment Forum (BGEF) discusses "Beyond GDP" at Wilton Park

24 February 2011
Wilton Park
United Kingdom
The economic crisis starting in 2008 stopped the momentum of transformation towards renewable energies and sustainable transport systems, but also provided opportunities for sustainable development.  The 7th Conference of the British-German Environment Forum (BGEF) meeting at Wilton Park on 24-26 February 2011 investigated the potential for green growth and moving economic policy Beyond GDP by increasing resource efficiency and decoupling of economic development from resource depletion and pollution. R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic Institute is an initiator and coordinator of the BGEF.Read more

Prospects for Sustainable Bioenergy Production in Selected Former Communist Countries

A new publication in the journal "Ecological Indicators" by Tanja Srebotnjak, from Ecologic Institute, and Peter Hardi, from the Central European University in Hungary, examines the potentials for sustainable bioenergy production in Bulgaria, Romania and the former Soviet republics in Central Asia. The study draws on official statistics and modeling results and concludes that bioenergy potentials are highest in Bulgaria, Romania, and Kazakhstan but depend on several factors including crop choice, climatic conditions, availability of suitable land, and the institutional and legal infrastructure.Read more

Reindustrialisation of Europe – Cure or curse?

6 December 2010

Demographic change will, in the long term, lead to shrinking and ageing populations in Europe. At the same time, younger economies are eying the international markets. Can a European reindustrialisation be successful under these circumstances? Max Grünig Fellow at Ecologic Institute Berlin was searched for an answer to this question at the Committee of the Regions. A full report based on the participant’s presentation can be downloaded.

In the next 50 years, populations will age and shrink in the large majority of European regions. This will have a considerable impact upon allRead more


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