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Oekom Research – Development of Criteria and Indicators for Country Ratings for Sustainable Investment

October 1995

oekom research AG is one of the world's leading providers of information on the social and environmental performance of companies, sectors and countries. The scientifically based rating system for the assessment of countries and their public policies is being constantly updated with the support of an independent advisory board, co-chaired by R. Andreas Kraemer of Ecologic.

The comparatively greater security that bonds offer is making them a popular form of investment, especially among risk-conscious investors. Where bond issuers are also rated as progressive in terms ofRead more

Fair Trade Footballs Delight Young Ghanaian Kickers

In a gesture to support leisure and educational activities for young people in Ghana, the Ecologic Institute Berlin donated footballs to the Juvenile Football Club in Tema, the largest seaport city in Ghana. “Just like in Germany, children and teenagers in Ghana love football.

Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication - Videos for Rio+20

Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, released four videos addressing the themes of the upcoming Rio+20 Conference. The videos tell stories in which the fictional journalist Marta Wisdom investigates the topics of green growth, green economy, and poverty in the EU. In her reportages and interviews she uses EU statistics. The videos explain what green growth could mean for the EU's sustainable development, how Europeans consume and produce electricity, whether poverty is only a question of income, how Europeans feel about poverty in different cities, and how evenly income is distributed in the EU. Ecologic Institute was involved in the development and production of the videos.

Memorandum Regarding Social-ecological Research

The memorandum "Understand – Evaluate – Shape. Transdisciplinary knowledge for a sustainable society" has been presented by leading actors in the field of transdisciplinary sustainability research. They hope to ensure that social-ecological research can be deepened and expanded in the coming years – regarding content, organization, and institutions. Ecologic Institute welcomes this memorandum and calls for others to sign it. The memorandum was submitted to the German Federal Minister of Research Annette Schavan for consideration, but the opportunity to sign it and show your support for social-ecological research still exists. The Director of Ecologic Institute, R. Andreas Kraemer, wrote the memorandum as part of an expert group.

Ecological Research Network (Ecornet) - Now Online

Seven pioneering institutes of sustainability research in Germany have linked up with one another and formed the "Ecological Research Network" (Ecornet), a network of leading non-university institutes in Germany focusing on sustainability research. The mission of Ecornet: to create the scientific basis for a societal transformation toward sustainability. The Ecornet institutes produce practice-relevant research across the borders of traditional scientific disciplines for the development of a post-fossil, post-nuclear society.

Smart Eco-City Development Progress

The key to human survival and healthy fulfillment is strengthening economic, intellectual and social growth in ways that maintain healthy, resilient eco-systems. Since all these variables change, smart eco-cities can survive and thrive only by designing, measuring, connecting and managing built environments interactively - in ways that value the unique and charming qualities of their diverse natural environments, their communities and creative people.

New Ways to Measure Human Prosperity – Beyond GDP

Does income generate happiness and how much? Why do a growing obesity epidemic and cutting down a pristine forest both increase GDP? Is our way of thinking and measuring economic growth and development at all meaningful? These and many other questions are increasingly talked about in political, academic, and civic society circles.


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