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Policy Advisors and Associates – Ecologic Institute US

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Prof. Hillary Brown Senior Policy Advisor
Sandra Cavalieri Associate

stakeholder dialogues, Arctic environmental management

Marlon Flores Senior Policy Advisor

biodiversity, ecosystems finance, protected areas financial planning, capacity building

Eric Haxthausen Senior Advisor

US and international climate and energy policy, emissions trading, environmental economics, US regulatory policy

Dr. Maria Ivanova Senior Policy Advisor

global environmental governance, UN reform

Stefan Kratz Senior Policy Advisor

clean and renewable energy, biodiversity protection, international cooperation and investment, technology transfer, People’s Republic of China, USA

Dominic Marcellino Senior Policy Advisor

renewable energy, energy system transitions, energy policy, climate change policy, urban development and transportation policy, emissions trading

Charlotte Moser Senior Policy Advisor

fundraising, strategic communications, partnerships, project acquisition, press contact, public relations

Rebeka Ryvola Research Associate

agriculture, Antarctic, Arctic, climate change, conservation, ecology, ecosystem services, energy, environmental education, fisheries, forestry, resource management, sustainable development, water policy