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Programs - Ecologic Institute US

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Biodiversity and Ecosystems – Ecologic Institute US

Despite concerted efforts to halt the rapid loss of biodiversity around the globe, habitats continue to deteriorate and species disappear at a record pace. With a rich tradition and more than a century of experience in nature conservation, both the United States and Europe offer valuable insights to promote conservation efforts around the globe. The Ecologic Institute is at the forefront of policy developments, fostering innovative solutions to ecosystem service finance and biodiversity preservation by way of protected areas. Through its presence on both sides of the Atlantic, it is able to harness substantive expertise and promote a fruitful dialogue through outreach activities and policy advice.

Climate and Energy – Ecologic Institute US

Climate change mitigation and adaptation, energy security, and a sustainable, efficient economy are core elements in the work program of the Ecologic Institute. Its portfolio includes the organization of a number of high level events, publications on a broad spectrum of issues, and the provision of expert advice on the design of climate and energy policies to national governments and regional and international organizations. Closely following developments in the European Union, and having helped design many climate and energy policies currently in place in its Member States, the Institute can bring ample practical experience to bear in the ongoing debate in the United States.

Economics of Transformation – Ecologic Institute US

On both sides of the Atlantic, aging or outdated infrastructures call for unprecedented levels of investment; meanwhile, declining regions and industries struggle to adapt to changing economic circumstances in a rapidly transforming world. With an expanding global trading system and cooperative responses to systemic threats, such structural challenges are elevated to the international level. The Ecologic Institute has been engaged on these issues for over a decade in Europe, gaining experience with regional transformation processes and the growth of a vibrant green economy, it can harness this knowledge to foster transatlantic debate and facilitate the transfer of successful practices in the United States.

Europe and its Policies – Ecologic Institute US

Drawing on the diverse expertise of staff in its European counterpart offices and a broad network of partner organizations, the Ecologic Institute is in an ideal position to provide stakeholders in the United States with in-depth knowledge and advice on environmental policy developments in the European Union, including the underlying political dynamics, key actors and institutions, and the legal, social and economic contexts.

Transatlantic Outreach – Ecologic Institute US

With a shared history and cultural heritage, Europe and the United States have traditionally held similar views on a wide range of global challenges. Increasingly, however, perceptions of the role and scope of policies to preserve the environment have differed across the Atlantic, threatening to undermine the strength of this alliance. As both sides explore different approaches to environmental leadership and innovation, increased dialogue and knowledge transfer offer useful opportunities to strengthen the transatlantic partnership. With the emergence of new powers and a redefined geopolitical landscape, moreover, strong cooperation between Europe and the United States will become increasingly important going forward. By convening experts and fostering an informed debate, the Ecologic Institute promotes a closer transatlantic exchange and helps further a shared vision of a sustainable and prosperous future.