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What we do - Ecologic Institute EU

What we do - Ecologic Institute EU

Scientific Research

Ecologic Institute works on relevant social-political questions of sustainability research. This is done in interdisciplinary project teams that investigate their respective topics from interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives.

Research topics include:

  • Analyses and evaluations of natural resource consumption. In the process, the factors that influence the status of air, water, soil, and biological diversity are taken into consideration.
  • Analyses and evaluations of the socio-economic and ecological impacts of measures, policies, and strategies to improve environmental status.
  • Interdisciplinary social-ecological research on the societal transformation to a sustainable community.
  • Research on the acceptance and governance of transformation processes, as well as the pertinent citizen participation on regional, national, and supra-national levels.

Policy Studies

Ecologic Institute consults a wide range of political institutions, including European governments and parliaments, the European Union, and the United Nations, as well as non-governmental organizations. This consulting is scientific and neutral. A significant portion of Ecologic's work as a think tank focuses on the development of environmental policy in the European Union and its Member States. Ecologic Institute also fosters intellectual exchange globally, especially within the transatlantic policy context.

Ecologic Legal Team

Ecologic Legal links environmental analysis and policymaking to legal frameworks and the law-making process. Ecologic’s team of specialized lawyers inform decision makers on all aspects of international, EU and domestic environmental law and governance. Ecologic Legal also contributes to Ecologic’s interdisciplinary projects and furthers academic and policy debates through publications, studies and analyses of key issues in environmental law.

Ecologic Events Team

The conferences and workshops organized by Ecologic Institute foster dialogue on environment-related issues. Ecologic's events provide a forum for discussing scientific findings, exchanging views on societal challenges and developing policy solutions. The Ecologic Events Team provides professional event organization to ensure well-run events tailored to those involved. Ecologic Institute regularly hosts Dinner Dialogues. This event series brings international environmental experts to Berlin for an informal debate with opinion leaders and decision-makers.

Ecologic Web Team

The Ecologic Web Team provides colleagues, partners and sponsors with web-based information and communication tools. The Ecologic Web Team conceptualizes and implements well-structured information services and user-friendly, interactive web 2.0 functionalities tailored to meet the needs of targeted audiences. The Ecologic Web Team prepares project-related websites that serve both public relations and project management. Additionally, the Ecologic Web Team advises clients and funding bodies on their internet presence, especially in regards to user requirements, internet usability, database and interface design, graphic design, mulitmedia integration, content management, information structuring and visualization, as well as web writing.