1. COBALT Newsletter

1st COBALT Newsletter on Sustainable Use of Raw Materials

Berlin, Germany

The first publication of the FP7 research project newsletter, titled "Contributing to Building of Awareness, Learning and Transfer of Knowledge on Sustainable Use of Raw Materials (COBALT)", is now available online. The newsletter features a comprehensive presentation of the COBALT project. It also provides information on COBALT's opening conference, the 1st COBALT EU Civil Society – Industry Dialogue; a report on mineral raw material related education; and information on upcoming EU and regional talks. Subscriptions for this electronic newsletter are available to all interested readers, with a new publication every six months.

The COBALT project provides a platform for discussing key challenges on the route towards more sustainable management of raw materials, including issues of raw materials supply and use. It brings together various representatives from industry and business (including SME and larger businesses), civil society, geological surveys, policy making (EU, national and regional level), and academia in order to stimulate a joint debate on sustainable raw materials management.

The project is funded by the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme for research. The newsletter is compiled by the COBALT partner Institute for Managing Sustainability.

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The 1st COBALT newsletter [pdf, 120 kB, English] is available for download.

News and insights from the COBALT project, as well as relevant developments on raw material management in Europe.
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