Cost and Financing Aspects of Community Renewable Energy Projects

Volume I: Main Report


IEA-RETD (2016), Cost and financing aspects of community renewable energy projects. Volume I: Main Report. Ricardo Energy & Environment, IEA-RETD Operating Agent, IEA Implementing Agreement for Renewable Energy Technology Deployment (IEA-RETD), Utrecht, 2016.

While key barriers faced by community renewable energy projects are generally well understood, there is much less information available about the actual costs and financing implications. This report sheds light on the costs and corresponding financial impacts faced by community-owned renewable energy projects, especially in comparison to commercial renewable energy projects. The report, which was written collaboratively by Christine Lucha and Andreas Prahl(Ecologic Institute), is available for download.

The report reviews the costs faced by communities in five countries - Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany and the UK - and answers eight research questions relating to costs and financing aspects of community renewable energy projects. Ecologic Institute provided its expertise in the German and Danish renewable energy market and led the research in these two countries. The results are shown in the country-specific text sections, as well as in the answers of the research questions.

In addition, country case studies provide a more in-depth analysis and can be downloaded from the IEA-RETD website. The documents can also be directly assessed via the links provided below.

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Christine Lucha
Andreas Prahl
Main author: Gregory Vaughan-Morris (Ricardo Energy & Environment)
Main author: Colin McNaught (Ricardo Energy & Environment)
Nicky Ison (Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney)
Declan Kuch (Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney)
Barend Dronkers (Pembina Institute)
Binnu Jeyakumar (Pembina Institute)
Jason Switzer (Pembina Institute)

Vijay Bhopal, Sandy Robinson and Anna Harnmeijer (Scene Consulting)
Dave Lovekin (Pembina Institute)
Dr. Jelte Harnmeijer (James Hutton Institute & Scene Consulting)
Dorina Luga (European Wind Energy Association)
Gijsbert Huijink (Som Energia)
Joshua Msika (James Hutton Institute)
Angeliki Koulouri (formerly European Wind Energy Association)
Jonathan Prendergast (Prendergast Projects)

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Australia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, UK

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