New Partnership between Ecologic, Yale University and IDDRI

The present international system of global environmental governance is insufficient to respond to current and future challenges in environmental protection and sustainable development. Ecologic, the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and IDDRI, the Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales, established a partnership to co-operate more closely in this research area and to move towards a stronger system of Global Environmental Governance. Ecologic, Yale and IDDRI acknowledged their shared interest in analysing the current situation of global environmental governance with its roots and causes, and a common desire to strengthen international environmental policy and law. As a result, the institutes signed a Memorandum of Understanding to co-operate more closely by

  • Sharing information;
  • Involving partners in their work; and
  • Developing joint projects.

Thereby the institutes aim at:

  • Helping to build a new consensus in the developing world that a reformed environmental governance system is not a threat but an opportunity for sustainable economic development;
  • Contributing to trigger a renewed commitment from the United States of America to the construction and introduction of effective multilateral rules, procedures and institutions;
  • Maintaining and strengthening approaches in the EU towards international co-operation on environment, sustainable development, and the integration of environmental protection requirements into international agreements and institutions.

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