Preliminary Considerations for Establishing more Ambitious 2030 EU Climate Goals


Szazadveg Foundation, 300Gospodarka, Ecologic Institut 2020: Preliminary Considerations for Establishing more Ambitious 2030 EU Climate Goals. Berlin.

A robust framework is a precondition for the EU to become climate neutral by 2050. Such framework includes, for example, enhanced gross reduction targets for 2030, emission budgets, independent scientific climate advisory bodies, phasing out fossil fuel subsides, and strong support to ensure a just transition in Member States. The spread between national targets from currently 0 % to 40 % should be scaled up, taking into account previous individual emission reduction performance and national capabilities.

These are some of the main conclusions of joint paper by Szazadveg Foundation, 300Gospodarka and Ecologic Institute. This paper is part of the project "Building bridges – High Trust Network with Conservative Groups for Ambitious Climate Action", funded by the European Climate Initiative.  The project aims at facilitating dialogues on climate policies between conservative and other groups from Hungary, Poland and Germany.

Establishing more ambitious 2030 EU climate goals

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climate policy, energy policy, climate change, acceptance, European climate and energy policy, European Union, conservative parties, high trust network, societal consensus
Europe, Hungary, Poland, Germany

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