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Klimawandel: Welche Belastungen entstehen für die Tragfähigkeit der Öffentlichen Finanzen?


Using different scenarios of socio-economic and climate development, this study examines potential impacts of climate change on Germany's financial budget. Additionally, the authors include effects of demographic change and assess the scope for action of public authorities.

The study which has been created as part of the project Climate Change and Public Finances is available for download [pdf, 5MB, German]....Read more

Climate Policies and the Transport Sector

Analysis of Policy Instruments, their Interactions, Barriers and Constraints, and Resulting Effects on Consumer Behaviour

As part of the project CECILIA2050, which examines policy options to improve European climate policies, this report specifically analyzes greenhouse gases reduction potential in the transport sector. After giving an overview of policy instruments in this sector, the authors review transport elasticities and highlight limits to carbon pricing in the road transport sector.

The report is available for download [pdf, 2.4 MB, English].Read more

Evaluation as a Cornerstone of Policies and Measures for the Energiewende

Evaluation and monitoring is a crucial part of the German energy transition (Energiewende), especially for the National Climate Initiative, which supports climate-friendly behavior among businesses, consumers, and local authorities. In this book chapter, the authors provide an insight into the the National Climate Initiative, its evaluation approach and lessons learnt for following programmes.

Max Grünig and Benjamin Görlach contributed to this article. A preview and an abstract is available at the...Read more

Nature-based Solutions to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

The challenge of climate change - partnering with nature
Climate change is a global phenomenon that poses risks to sectors across society and the economy. Nature-based approaches can offer sustainable solutions to cope with climate change mitigation and adaptation challenges. The brochure "Nature-based approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation", developed by Ecologic Institute on behalf of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), introduces the opportunities, challenges, and success factors of nature-based solutions and presents good practice examples. The brochure is available for download.Read more

EU in the Arctic, the Arctic in the EU - Gap Analysis Report

11 September 2014
On 11 September 2014, nineteen top Arctic institutes in Europe proposed the establishment of an EU Arctic Information Centre as a network undertaking in the final seminar of the project "EU in the Arctic, The Arctic in the EU" in Brussels, Belgium. Arne Riedel presented Ecologic Institute's work on a Gap Analysis Report within that project, providing insights into Arctic stakeholders' needs to fill information and communication gaps.Read more

ICAP Summer School on Emissions Trading in Paris

25 August 2014 to 5 September 2014
From late August to early September 2014, the 11th ICAP Summer School on Emissions Trading brought together experts from emerging economies and developing countries to learn about emissions trading as a tool for climate protection, and to discuss the options of implementing such systems in developing countries. 25 mid-career professionals from twelve countries attended the course, which was facilitated by Benjamin Görlach and Matthias Duwe.Read more

Evaluierung des nationalen Teils der Klimaschutzinitiative des Bundesministeriums für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit

Summary of the Final Report

This report evaluates the National Climate Initiative which aims at reducing German greenhouse gas emissions by 40% until 2020. In detail, 21 individual projects, 4 directives and 3 increases from 2008 to 2011 are examined.

The report is available for download [pdf, 800 KB, German].Read more

RADOST - Regionale Anpassungsstrategien für die deutsche Ostseeküste

Blobel, Daniel et al. 2014: "RADOST - Regionale Anpassungsstrategien für die deutsche Ostseeküste", in: Hendrik Bieberler et al. (eds.): Wege zur Anpassung an de Klimawandel. Regionale Netzwerke, Strategien und Maßnahmen. Köln: Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln Medien GmbH, 21....Read more

The Role of Law and Institutions in Shaping European Climate Policy

This report, created as part of the CECILIA2050 project, gives an overview of climate policy approaches in Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, as well as the European Union as a whole. After highlighting the different legal and institutional structures, it provides conclusions and recommendations regarding the regulatory approach.

The report is available for download [pdf, 1,4 MB, English].Read more


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