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Wishful and Fearful Thinking about International Law and Climate Engineering

18 August 2014 to 21 August 2014

At the international Climate Engineering Conference from 18 to 21 August 2014, Dr. Ralph Bodle, Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute, was a speaker and panelist on international law and governance of climate engineering and related research.

The conference was organised by the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS). More than 300 participants from the research, policy and civic communities discussed the highly complex and interlinked ethical, social and technical issues regarding climate engineering.

Climate engineering or 'geoengineering' refers to theRead more

Options and Proposals for the International Governance of Geoengineering

Auf Grundlage einer umfassenden Analyse des bestehenden Regelungsrahmens und seiner Lücken entwickeln die Autoren und Autorinnen des Ecologic Instituts in dieser Studie allgemeine Optionen und konkrete Handlungsempfehlungen für die wirksame Governance von Geoengineering. Ein zentrales Anliegen ist, dass die Empfehlungen praktisch umsetzbar sind. Die Studie steht als Download zur Verfügung.Read more

The Next EU Climate and Energy Package – EU Climate Policies after 2020

The European Commission has tabled initial proposals for new targets and some changes to key instruments such as the Emissions Trading System (ETS) upon which the EU Heads of State and Government are to make decisions later in 2014. This study assesses the status quo of EU climate and energy policy and experience with the current set of targets and instruments – and distills from it concrete recommendations for a new package for the period until 2030. The study is available for download.Read more

Assessment of Climate Change Policies in the Context of the European Semester - 2014

28 Country Reports 2014
This collection of country reports assesses climate and energy policies in all 28 Members States of the European Union (EU). The reports support the DG CLIMA of the European Commission in its contributions to the European Semester. Focusing on the period between February 2013 and November 2013, the reports provide insight into national policy developments and progress towards the achievement of the EU’s climate and energy targets. The reports are available for download.Read more

Research for a Post-Carbon Future

17 September 2014

The EU has taken on the major challenge of transitioning to post-carbon society. Some communities and even some states have embarked on this process already. There are still many technological, political, societal, economic, and behavioral obstacles in achieving such a deep transformation. But visioning where we are headed also reveals key opportunities. Where do we want to go? How do...Read more

New EU Governance in the Energy Sector - What can be learned from Projects of Common Interest (PCIs)?

1 July 2014
What shape will the future governance framework of European climate and energy policy take? The proposal submitted by the European Commission at the beginning of this year raises more questions than it answers in this regard. Dr. Camilla Bausch and Christine Lucha of the Ecologic Institute invited experts to a workshop to discuss what impact the new EU Governance has on the electricity sector and how to design the requested regional cooperation.Read more

Success Factors and Barriers for Technologc Providers in CDM and JI Markets

Ecologic Institute and Perspective GmbH analysed the role of German companies in the CDM and JI markets in this report funded by the German Federal Environment Agency. German producers of environmental technology hold leading positions on the world market today and are expected to do so in the future. However, German technology providers do not play a major role in CDM/JI projects: the share of German technology in CDM projects is less than 20%. This is due to a general lack of information concerning CDM/JI, as well as to the regulatory complexity of the CDM/JI approval process and...Read more

Die Klima- und Energiepolitik der deutschen Bundesregierung

Ein Beitrag zum deutsch-französischen Dialog
In this analysis for the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), Camilla Bausch, Matthias Duwe and Benjamin Görlach discuss how the outlook for an ambitious climate and energy have shifted with the start of Angela Merkel's third term in office, and the new political constellation. The authors discuss both the challenges at the national level, Germany's possible role in the EU climate and energy policy, and the effect on international climate negotiations. The analysis is available for download.Read more

Welthandelsrechtliche Grenzen des Ausbaus erneuerbarer Energien

Final Report
As renewable energy sources are more widely used and corresponding support systems expanded, the economic significance of the sector is also growing. This, in turn, also leads to a growing potential for trade disputes involving renewable energy production. This study on renewable energy law presents the international legal framework relevant to support systems for renewable energy, notably WTO law. A particular focus is on local-content requirements existing in this sectors as well as on trade remedy procedures. The study (in German) is available for download, including an English summary.Read more

Policy Options for Promoting the Use of an EU-wide Carbon Calculator

Deliverables 2.4.2 and 2.5.2

This report presents the results of the survey on policy options for promoting the use of an EU-wide carbon calculator. It describes the methodology of the project, analyses the results and the strengths and weaknesses of each policy option and draws conclusions based on the results. The report is available for download.

For the survey, farmers and stakeholders in eight member states were consulted to find the most suitable out of three policy options (regulation, state-funded voluntary incentive schemes or certification or assurance schemes) for implementing the carbon calculator....Read more


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