System Requirement Specification and System Design Documents

Requirement elicitation and system design (Deliverable 23.1, DESSIN)


Riegels, Niels 2016: System Requirement Specification and System Design Documents. Requirement elicitation and system design. Deliverable 23.1, DESSIN, European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Grant Agreement No. 619039.

The overall goal of the DESSIN ESS software system is to support users implementing the DESSIN ESS evaluation framework and sustainability assessment. This document describes how the software should do this, from the end-user perspective. The document is organized into so-called "user stories". Each user story describes a task that a user would like the software to perform, and explains why performing the task provides value to the user. The users stories are organized into "epics", which are groups of similar stories. Most of the user stories are written from the perspective of an evaluation lead carrying out an ESS assessment, as this was thought to be the most likely user of the system. The software framework presented here was developed by DHI, ECOLOGIC, SINTEF, and IWW in collaboration with the DESSIN user group, which consists of the demo site representatives who will be the end users of the software.

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Niels Riegels (DHI)
Anders Klinting (DHI)
Rita Ugarelli (SINTEF)
Kristina Wencki (IWW)
63 pp.
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transition, cities, sustainability, adaptation, water governance
User stories, software system, epics, user stories, storyboard

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