Erarbeitung konkreter Strategien und Beiträge für die nationale Umsetzung der UN2030-Agenda für nachhaltige Entwicklung für SDG 12


Olliges, Julia et. al. 2021: Erarbeitung konkreter Strategien und Beiträge für die nationale Umsetzung der UN-2030-Agenda für nachhaltige Entwicklung für SDG 12. Abschlussbericht. Umweltbundesamt: Dessau-Roßlau.

The project "Elaborating Strategies and Contributions to Implement SDG12 on the National Level for Germany" established systematic activity monitoring for the national and international implementation of SDG 12 by Germany. The aim: to determine the implementation status – in addition to the UN and DNS sustainability indicators for SDG 12 – and derive potential options for action. This report presents the project results.

The first step evaluated the relevant activities at national level using a set of criteria developed in the project, processed in a user-friendly database. The content of the database factor into international reporting processes (e.g. the official UN reporting on SDG 12.1 to the "One Planet Network"). In addition, the project team examined the indicators on sustainable consumption in the German Sustainability Strategy for their suitability with respect to the sub-goals of SDG 12 and, on this basis, created momentum for the further development of the existing national indicator system. The project closes with concrete recommendations for action to improve the national implementation of SDG 12 in the period 2021 to 2030.

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Dr. Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers
Julia Olliges (adelphi)
Jan Christian (adelphi)
Polanía Giese (adelphi)
Dr. Manuel Bickel (Wuppertal Institute)
Jens Teubler (Wuppertal Institute)
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SDG12, Agenda 2030, sustainable consumption, sustainable production, sustainability indicators

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