Energy Transition and Behavioural Change in Rural Areas

Reykjavik, Iceland

Under the title "Wellbeing and Equity within planetary boundaries" the biannual conference of the International Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE) took place in Reykjavik (Iceland) from 13 to 15 August 2014. Timo Kaphengst from Ecologic Institute presented a report on "Energy transition and behavioural change in rural areas." In total, Ecologic Institute contributed three official inputs to the ISEE conference. The presentation slides and the report are available for download.

Timo Kaphengst built his presentation on the recently published report in the WWWforEurope project on energy cooperatives in rural areas. He highlighted some theoretical backgrounds of transition and behavioural change and how this framework was applied to the context of a case study in Northern Bavaria, where several energy cooperatives were formed in the recent decade. He showed to which extent energy cooperatives can lead to a more sustainable and inclusive development of renewable energies in rural areas and pointed towards the particular role frontrunners had in such processes.

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