31. Climate Talk

EU in Turbulence? The State of the EU and Its Impact on Energy and Climate Policy

Berlin, Germany

Brexit, immigration, Euro crisis, economic stagnation in some member states, EU skeptical and nationalist parties on the rise - 60 years after the signing of the Treaties of Rome, the European Union is in turmoil. The frequency and force of the various crises have created the impression that the EU is not in a position to serve the interests of its citizens and solve their problems. This is also reflected in a loss of confidence in the EU and its institutions - which was most clearly expressed in the Brexit referendum. The discussion will be introduced by keynote speeches by Silke Karcher (BMUB), Frederik Moch (DGB) and Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf (Ecologic Institute).

The current turbulence raises many questions. In this event, we want to deal with the origins of the current situation and discuss the consequences of the current state of affairs for the European climate and energy policy of the EU.

Further questions are:

  • Does climate policy threaten to be weakened if the EU fails to act as the engine of climate and energy policy and if climate policy is increasingly re-nationalised? Or would a Europe of different speeds tend to encourage pioneers to lead in smaller groups?
  • Can climate and energy policy contribute to strengthening the EU? Do we need a new narrative about Europe - and are climate protection and sustainability part of such a positive vision?
Sarina Bstieler
Silke Karcher (BMUB)
Frederik Moch (DGB)
Berlin, Germany

Source URL: https://www.ecologic.eu/12090