Evaluation of the Commission's urban Cooperation Framework


Together with the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) London and the Institute for European Policy Prague, Ecologic is evaluating the European Co-operation Framework to promote Urban Sustainable Development. A midterm review of the co-operation framework is being undertaken. On this basis the Commission will decide on its future design.

The co-operation framework to promote Urban Sustainable Development aims to provide financial and technical support to networks of local authorities for the exchange of good practice in relation to urban sustainable development.
Projects shall promote:

  • improved implementation at local level of environmental legislation,
  • sustainable urban development, and
  • Local Agenda 21.

The eligible projects are subject to tender. Each year before 31 January the Commission publishes a list of priority themes in which applications are expected.

Ecologic is evaluating two of the projects funded under the framework:

  • QUICKSTART: In the framework of this project the Climate-Alliance e.V. develops a methodology, helping local authorities to work out an immediate climate policy action programme in a very short time.
  • SIPTRAM: This project aims to encourage cities across Europe to improve the environmental and social standards through competitive tendering of urban public transport services.
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Sustainable Development, urban development, transport, climate, evaluation

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