Preparatory Study to Gather Evidence on Ways to Empower Customers to Play an Active Role in the Green Transition


In the EU, consumption of products and services is increasing, tied to a rise in living standards and quality of life in the EU. Increasing availability and affordability of different materials and products has simplified lives of consumers, but brings with it growing environmental impacts along value chains. Thus, a response that maintains socio-economic well-being and helps reducing environmental impact is needed. Here, new designs of materials and products that are properly equipped to be re-used, repaired and recycled pose a relevant opportunity for helping a green transition.

The objective of this preparatory study is to provide evidence upon which future policy developments in the field of green transition can be based, in particular for consumer products. Here, the study identifies and assesses:

  • obstacles to the active and large-scale participation of consumers in the green transition;
  • market practices to support the active participation of consumers in the green transition;
  • national and/or regional public and private initiatives that aim to support consumers' effective participation in the green transition;
  • good practices that aim to empower consumers to make informed choices and play an active role in the green transition; and
  • Prospective innovative practices that aim to empower consumers to play a role within the green transition.

Ecologic Institute analyses and assesses labels, logos and digital information tools for sustainability applying to electronic goods, food and drink products, furniture, hygienic and care products, textiles as well as to mobility products and services and other services (e.g. tourism). Furthermore, Ecologic Institute is involved in identifying minimum criteria for sustainability labels, logos and trademarks.

Dr. Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers
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green consumer, Circular Economy, labels, logos, information tools, minimum criteria

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