Is the Future of Mobility the Past?

How the Corona pandemic is affecting the transformation of transport systems

online, Germany

The restrictions associated with the Corona pandemic have suddenly changed the behavior of traffic participants. As a result, significant numbers of people have taken to cycling and walking. Public transport, on the other hand, is in crisis. The need for social distance and hygiene makes collective means of transportation unappealing, and the demand for car-sharing services has dropped significantly. At the same time, the private car is experiencing a renaissance.

What can we learn from people's changed habits regarding transportation? How do the contradictory effects influence the necessary transformation? Which of the effects are short-term and which ones will become the "new normal"? At the discussion event, we presented insights from traffic behavior research, talked about the opportunities and problems of digitization and drew conclusions from the new experiences: What has to happen now? What are the decisions that will have to be made and by whom?

The event took place in a digital setting and was recorded.

This event is a part of the Ecornet Future Forum (Zukunftsforum Ecornet) event series. The event "Is the Future of Mobility the Past?" contributes to this discussion with information from current scientific analyses while creating a framework for political exchange.

About the event series Zukunftsforum Ecornet

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online, Germany

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