Scientific Support for Successful Implementation of the Natura 2000 Network

Focus Area B


Van der Sluis, T. & Schmidt, A.M. (2021). E-BIND Handbook (Part B): Scientific support for successful implementation of the Natura 2000 network. Wageningen Environmental Research/ Ecologic Institute /Milieu Ltd. Wageningen, The Netherlands.

In March 2021, two new handbooks on Evidence‐based Improvements in the Birds and Habitats Directives Implementation (E-BIND) are being released. They have been the achievements of a systematic review of the Birds and Habitats Directives Implementation. The core objective of the E-Bind handbook(s) is to advise the Commission, Member State authorities, decision makers, spatial planners, conservationists and NGOs in more effective implementation of the Nature Directives. This handbook provides scientific support for the successful implementation of the Natura 2000 network (Focus area B).

Focus Area B focuses on the effectiveness of the Natura 2000 network and conservation successes and therefore looks at habitat management and restoration, as well as the wider landscape with Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services. Handbook B also consists of three sections. I. Guidance and tools for effective restoration measures for species and habitats; II. Green infrastructure and network coherence; and III. Co-benefits (ecosystem services).

With its hands-on guidance for improving access to data and information while fostering scientific support and its easy and attractive to usage, the handbook(s) will contribute to the mobilization of the scientific community in order to close knowledge gaps, to offer solutions to strategic problems and to enhance the accessibility of scientific information to policymakers and all players involved in the implementation of EU Birds and Habitats Directive.

E-Bind Handbooks to improve the Birds and Habitats Directives Implementation

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