COP26, Rights of Nature, and Environmental Courts: discussing the ongoing matters

Mario Delgado Galarraga in interview

Berlin, Germany / Quito, Ecuador

In general words, the interview with Mario Delgado Galarraga, International Climate Protection Fellow at Ecologic Institute, touches upon issues concerning International Environmental and Climate Change Law. It briefly refers to the general background of the last COP, its possible outcomes, and the ongoing climate issues according to the IPCC. The interview was conducted and broadcast by the equadorian TV station TELESUCESOS and is available online.

Additionally, the interview briefly reflects the importance of using different alternatives, such as the rights of nature, to tackle the ongoing environmental crisis.

Finally, it remarks on the importance of creating an international judiciary body to deal with environmental issues; highlighting the importance of national courts concerning climate change-related claims.

Mario Delgado Galarraga is an International Climate Protection Fellow at Ecologic Institute. His fellowship is supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

It is time to find real solutions to the ongoing climate crisis.
International environmental law, climate change, COP 26, climate litigation

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