EU-Taxonomie: Ein guter Schritt für mehr Nachhaltigkeit?

14th episode of "Knowledge for Future – The Environment Podcast"


Ecologic Institute, 2022: EU-Taxonomie: Ein guter Schritt für mehr Nachhaltigkeit? Knowledge for Future – Der Umwelt-Podcast. 21 December 2022. Online:

Europe is to become climate-neutral by 2050. The EU Commission is striving to achieve this goal with the European Green Deal, which it published at the end of 2019. In order to achieve the climate targets, a lot of money will have to be invested – according to estimates by the EU Commission, an additional 350 billion euros per year by 2030.

In order to avoid greenwashing and ensure that these funds actually flow into sustainable economic activities, the EU taxonomy has been in place since 2020. With this set of rules, the EU Commission defines criteria for ecological economic activity.

What are the weaknesses of the taxonomy, and how could it be further developed in the future? That's the question posed by host Alea Rentmeister.

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The EU taxonomy is to channel capital into green investments. But how does the regulatory framework work and how does it ensure that it is more sustainable?

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Concept and Content: Dr. Michael Jakob, Ricarda Faber (Ecologic Institute)
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