Sustainable Development, Evaluation and Policy-Making

Theory, Practise and Quality Assurance


Raggamby, Anneke von and Frieder Rubrik (eds.) 2012: Sustainable Development, Evaluation And Policy-Making. Theory, Practise and Quality Assurance. [Evaluating Sustainable Development series]. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

In times of financial crises and pressure to justify public spending, evaluation of projects, programs, and policies increases. Sustainability, which has become a socially and politically widely accepted concept throughout Europe, therefore ought to be included to a greater extent within evaluation practices to assess social and ecological impacts. Anneke von Raggamby of Ecologic Institute is one of the editors of this book.

This accessible book is structured according to the policy-cycle. It links the two issues of policy evaluation and sustainable development to this policy-cycle, highlighting different functions that evaluation can play in its phases. Analyzing the relationships between sustainability and evaluation, the perception of sustainability problems are presented as well as exploring the role of evaluation and assessment studies during policy formulation and policy implementation. Policy reformulation is also explored including monitoring and quality improvement schemes. The volume concludes by addressing the quality of sustainability evaluations, and the impact this has.

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Series: Evaluating Sustainable Development series
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336 pp.
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Evaluation, Policy Assessment, Sustainable Development

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