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Linking Impact Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise (LIAISE)


Linking Impact Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise (LIAISE)

Research Program

Ecologic Institute implemented an ongoing project evaluation of the LIAISE network of excellence to assess the outcomes and the impacts of the LIAISE Network of Excellence. The main purpose of this was to identify and exploit opportunities to bridge the existing gap between the research and the policy community in the field of Impact Assessment (IA) and to improve the use of IA tools in policy making.

Impact Assessment has the potential for delivering more sustainable development as well as enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of decision making. In order to realise this benefit policies need a solid foundation in IA using a variety of IA tools. However, existing research points out that the full potential of IA is not being realised. Many tools to support IA have been developed, but are not yet being fully employed by policy makers.

LIAISE aimed at improving the use of IA tools in policy making, by

  • building a concrete roadmap towards a virtual centre of excellence on IA, that operates as the durable hub of existing academic and practitioner networks on this theme;
  • developing a shared IA toolbox: a durable and flexible infrastructure providing IA improved tools accessible to policy makers and researchers on a dedicated web platform supported by the project website;
  • providing a continuously updated shared research agenda on IA fed by scientists and practitioners, as well as  capacity building and training modules to spread the results of research activities to IA users and researchers.


Wageningen University & Research Centre, Alterra (Alterra), Netherlands
Lena Kampf
Erika Sulik
Project ID
Sustainable Development, Impact Assessment, Sustainable Development Strategy