Gezielt Nützlinge zum Pflanzenschutz einsetzen


Umweltbundesamt (2016): Gezielt Nützlinge zum Pflanzenschutz einsetzen. Infographic. Online:

The infographic shows beneficial organisms, which can be used for pest control in the garden. It indicates which benefical organism helps against which pests, including pictures of their application. Average costs are also mentioned.

Many beneficial insects such as ladybirds, green lacewings, ichneumon wasps can be used for effective pest control in the garden and especially in the greenhouse. In professional horticulture beneficial organisms have long been an important plant protection measure. For several years, user-friendly products enable hobby gardeners to use benefical organisms, too.

The infographic is licensed under a Creative Commons license CC BY-ND 4.0, which means that you may freely use it unchanged and mentioning the author. The infographic is part of a series of nine infographics on environmentally friendly plant protection, which were developed by the Ecologic Institute in the project Online Information Service: Environmentally Compatible Plant Protection.

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Media format: infographic to be used online, in printed reports
Concept: Melanie Kemper, Beáta Vargová
Content: Mascha Schacht, Dr. Martin Hommes
Graphic design: Beáta Vargová

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garden, hobby, plant protection, biological, beneficial organism, greenhouse, environment
infographic, list, illustration

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