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Framework Contract on Evaluation, Review and Development of EU Water Policy


Ecologic Institute, as part of a pan-European consortium led by WRc, is supporting the European Commission in a framework contract on the evaluation, review and development of EU water policy. With activities to be supported under this framework contract, the Commission wishes to ensure that the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and associated water-related directives are implemented in a coherent and effective manner across the EU and that Member States comply with their obligations. One of the principal mechanisms for encouraging effective implementation has been the informal programme of co-operation focused on tackling the technical challenges arising from implementing the WFD known as the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS).

This framework contract provides services to the Water Unit in DG Environment in relation to the following:

  1. To provide independent, impartial and punctual necessary work and advice on scientific, socio-economic and technical issues related to the issues dealt with within the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) of the Water Framework Directive and Floods Directive.
  2. To provide technical assistance to the Commission in the integrated assessment of the implementation of the EU water legislation (WFD, priority substances Directive, Groundwater Directive and Floods Directive).
  3. To provide technical assistance to the Commission in in-depth focused assessments of the WFD/Floods Directive implementation in member states on selected issues.
  4. To provide technical assistance to assess information on possible infringement cases following the Commission's initiative or a citizens' complaint.
  5. To provide technical assistance for the evaluation of the WFD and the REFIT of the Floods Directive and support for specific Impact Assessments and evaluations.

Ecologic Institute, as a key partner in the consortium, can provide a range of services within this framework contract, including technical support to different working groups in the CIS of the WFD and technical assistance in integrated or in-depth assessments of EU water legislation.

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