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The Energy Transition as a European Project: Opportunities, Frictions, Options for Action


The Ecologic Institute is writing a brief study on the topic "the energy transition as a European project" on behalf of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. The study focuses on the electricity sector and the policy measures and objectives, which the EU and Germany's neighbouring countries pursue in this policy field.

The study concentrates on three research questions:

  • What are the opportunities of a concerted European energy transition, compared to a German solo effort? Would the former bring about economic benefits?
  • In which areas can we observe successful cooperation? Where do we need to do more?
  • What are the concrete options for action for German politicians? How can the EU's Energy Union be shaped to support a EU-wide energy transition?

To answer these questions, the Ecologic Institute is conducting a number of interviews with politicians and energy policy experts. Existing studies and databases provide additional evidence.

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Katharina Umpfenbach
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Energy transition, electricity sector, European Union
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