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EU Energy and Climate Policy after 2020

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EU Energy and Climate Policy after 2020


Ecologic Institute continues to advise the German Federal Ministry for the Environment on the updating of EU climate and energy policy after 2020. In this project, Ecologic Institute developed options and formulation proposals for concrete legal texts and initiatives of European climate and energy policy - through a number of expert opinions, short studies, workshops and ad hoc support services.

The focus was on legal advice and approaches, but also on the political and economic consequences of EU climate and energy policy. Particular attention was also paid to the question of financing climate policy measures and the impact of policy measures on investment.

As in the previous project, recommendations for action were developed for the reform of emissions trading, the effort-sharing decision and governance to review the 2030 framework (on transparency, energy efficiency and renewable energies). In addition, there is the further development of implementation measures to strengthen flexibility, solidarity and innovation within European energy and climate policy, and the design of the new EU regulation for the crediting and accounting of LULUCF (Land use, land use change and forestry) emissions.

Another result of this project was the report on the emissions budget of the European Union in this century. The report is available for download.


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Katharina Umpfenbach
Ennid Roberts, LLM
Susanne Müller
Sandra Naumann
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energy and climate policies, 2030, political, legal and economic effects, suggestions for action
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