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The CIRCULAR IMPACTS project website has been updated with an evidence library on the circular economy. The Circular Impacts online library created by Ecologic Institute centralizes information related to the circular economy transition. The library helps policy professionals in conducting impact assessments on the transition to a circular economy. It is a useful resource for policy-makers, journalists, scientists, NGOs and anybody else in-terested in increasing their knowledge ofn circular-economy concepts. The new library now forms an integral part of the website and is an important project outcome.

There is a vast amount of information available on the circular economy, such as reports, models and indicators, which keeps expanding on a daily basis. However, this information is scattered across the web and in many cases not so easy to find. This evidence library brings everything related to the circular economy together in one place, while also introducing a categorization structure that helps users quickly find relevant evidence in an effective way. It incorporates existing databases and profits from existing research. Databases such as Measuring Progress, LIAISE KIT and Horizon 2020 research projects were also added.

The evidence library was created by Ecologic Institute's Senior Web Developer Christian Bruhn in close cooperation with Laurens Duin of the CIRCULAR IMPACTS project team.

Check it out at:

A new online library created by Ecologic Institute brings everything related to the circular economy transition together in one place

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Concept: Christian Bruhn, Laurentius Duin
Design: Beáta Welk Vargová
Programming: Christian Bruhn

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Linear economy, cycle-based evidence base, labor market effects, European semester, resources, products economic form, economic growth, recycling, waste production, waste management, impact assessment
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