R. Andreas Kraemer bei den Atlantic Dialogues 2018 | © Policy Center for the New South

R. Andreas Kraemer on Atlantic Dialogues Advisory Board, Morocco


Annually since 2012, the Policy Center for the New South, previously known as OCP Policy Center, holds its Atlantic Dialogues conference in Morocco. In 2017, it established the Atlantic Dialogues Advisory Board (AD-AB). R. Andreas Kraemer, Founder and Director Emeritus of Ecologic Institute, was appointed and now serves on the Atlantic Dialogues Advisory Board.

The Atlantic Dialogues Advisory Board (AD-AB) provides strategic guidance and programme development support for the Atlantic Dialogues, and it serves to strengthen international outreach. The Atlantic Dialogues, like its predecessor, the Atlantic Forum conferences, are the annual international flagship events of the Policy Center of the New South. The series was initiated and is supported by the OCP Foundation of Morocco. 

The Policy Center of the New South is a think tank in and for the South, providing a new, autonomous framework of understanding an evolving international system. It works in partnership with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Morocco.

The purpose of the Atlantic Dialogues is to bring international perspectives to enrich discussions in Morocco, and to insert Moroccan perspectives into international debates. One focus is on the wider Atlantic Space, South and North, which is of importance to Morocco, country of the Atlas Mountains after which the Atlantic Ocean was named. 

Another focus is on development and the relations of developing and emerging countries among themselves, and the relationship between the "Global South" and the industrialised countries. In this respect, the Atlantic Dialogues build bridges not only between Africa and Europe, but between countries of all continents and oceans.

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