Why is Nature Restoration Critical for the Resilience of European Cities?


Naumann, Sandra; Ewa Iwaszuk 2022: Why is Nature Restoration Critical for the Resilience of European Cities? IEEP, Ecologic Institute: Brussels, Berlin.

The EU Commission published its proposal for a new Nature Restoration Regulation in June 2022. In this context, IEEP and Ecologic Institute – as part of the Think Sustainable Europe network – published a series of thematic policy briefs to inform Members of the European Parliament and other policy-makers about a variety of topics relating to nature restoration.

Healthy urban ecosystems and biodiversity are key to ensuring the resilience of European cities. This policy brief presents evidence and data to support strong targets for urban ecosystem restoration to be included in the Nature Restoration Law. The document shows the positive impact of activities such as increasing the quantity and quality of urban green spaces, ensuring a minimum canopy cover and supporting implementation of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions on key components of urban resilience. These include improving biodiversity, reducing flood risk and heat stress, mitigating climate change, reducing air and noise pollution and providing benefits to health and well-being.

Sandra Naumann
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Cities, restoration, green infrastructure, biodiversity, resilience, nature-based solutions, Nature Restoration Law

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