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Ewa Iwaszuk


Ewa Iwaszuk

MSc (Environment & Sustainable Development)
BA (Economics, Business and East European Studies)



Ewa Iwaszuk works at Ecologic Institute as a Fellow. Her work focuses on climate policy and urban governance. Ewa's native language is Polish, she is fluent in English and Czech and speaks conversational Spanish, Russian and German.

At Ecologic Institute Ewa Iwaszuk works on projects combining topics of sustainable urban development, nature-based solutions and climate protection, including "Nature Based Urban Innovation" (NATURVATION) and "Climate Mitigation Through Nature-Based-Solutions in Urban Poland – Fostering Awareness and Capacity" (Climate NBS Poland), where she led the writing and editing of "Addressing Climate Change in Cities – Catalogue of urban nature-based solutions", a publication designed to promote implementation of nature-based solutions to address climate change in urban areas. Ewa Iwaszuk also works in the field of European climate policy, especially on projects related to developing and implementing long-term climate governance frameworks at EU, national and local levels, including the project "Intra-EU Exchange to Raise Awareness and Build Capacity on Long-term Climate Strategies" (Climate Recon 2050) and contributing to the publication "LTS in Europe: Experience from National and EU-wide 2050 Climate Planning".

Before arriving at Ecologic Institute Ewa Iwaszuk contributed to research projects "Disrupting urban 'risk traps' – Bridging finance and knowledge for climate resilient infrastructure planning in Lima", "Mapping Urban Energy Landscapes" and "Transformative Capacities to Deliver Urban Sustainability" at the Development Planning Unit, University College London (UCL, United Kingdom). Ewa also worked on research project "Informed Cities" at the UCL department for Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy and a research project "Human Rights in Tourism" funded by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit) and executed by Naturefriends International and mascontour GmbH. Before starting her MSc degree Ewa worked at International Young Naturefriends (IYNF), a pan-European network of youth environmental NGOs, where she coordinated networking and capacity building activities and co-led the writing and editing of "The Green Toolbox", a handbook for sustainable work, life and play.

Ewa Iwaszuk received her Master’s degree at UCL. Her thesis analysed policy development, governance and planning processes that led to Durban (South Africa) having one of the most comprehensive local-level climate mitigation and adaptation strategies in the world. Ewa Iwaszuk holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Business and East European Studies from UCL. During her undergraduate studies Ewa spent a year at the Institute of Economic Studies at Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic).

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Selected projects by Ewa Iwaszuk

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Photo: Ewa Iwaszuk

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Nature Based Urban Innovation (NATURVATION)

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