Kein Pfusch am Bau! Verteilungspolitische Effekte der EU-Renovierungswelle

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Kögel, Nora and Michael Soder 2023: Kein Pfusch am Bau! Verteilungspolitische Effekte der EU-Renovierungswelle. In: Arbeit & Wirtschaft Blog. Wien.

Why should the EU Renovation Wave link environmental and social issues?

In a blog post published on the online blog "a&w blog" on the 23 February 2023, Nora Kögel, who works at Ecologic Institute as a researcher in climate and water policies, and co-author Michael Soder, explore this question.

EU member states are currently facing three crises: the climate crisis, an energy security crisis (as a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine) and a social crisis. The social crisis means that, on the one hand, the population is increasingly affected by energy poverty and, on the other hand, that many households face problems as a result of the increased cost of living. The EU Renovation Wave, an important pillar of the European Green Deal and NextGenerationEU, has a key role in responding to all three crises. However, it can only fulfill this key role if the implementation of the renovation wave is socially fair.

The EU Renovation Wave can only succeed if it links environmental and social issues!
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