Inclusion of Aviation in EU Emissions Trading


The project develops the technical guidelines for the inclusion of aviation in the European emissions trading scheme. It identifies the relevant data and methodologies and assesses how the existing guidelines of the European Commission for the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions can be applied to aviation. Against this background, the project drafts amendments to the existing guidelines that include the monitoring and reporting of aviation’s baseline data and annual emissions data.

Monitoring, reporting and verification of emissions data are crucial to the functioning of the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) and key to its environmental effectiveness. The initial inclusion of aviation in the ETS involves two elements to monitoring, reporting and verification:

  • When aircraft operators apply for their allowances, they must submit verified tonne-kilometre data for their aviation activities.
  • Aircraft operators have to monitor their emissions and each year submit a verified emissions report.

The project assists the European Commission in including aviation in the emissions trading scheme. It identifies necessary changes to the existing guidelines applying to the sectors currently included in the ETS and develops new guidelines specific to aviation emissions. It also provides for an open consultation phase.

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Environmental law, EC law, emissions trading, aviation, monitoring, reporting

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