Evaluation of the WHO Approach to Estimate the Environmental Burden of Disease


The Environmental Burden of Disease is part of the Global Burden of Disease methodology originally developed by the WHO and others. To use EBD estimates in Germany for environmental and health policy prioritisation, it is important to review them and to develop recommendations for adjustments that better reflect the German context. This project will conduct this review and aims to derive specific proposals for adjustments.

The EBD estimates the disease and mortality burden in a population that is attributable to a set of environmental risk factors. To make globally comparable and consistent estimates, the EBD relies on a number of assumptions and decisions that may not reflect specific country circumstances.

Specifically, the project team will

  • survey the existing scientific literature regarding the assumptions and decisions made in the EBD method,
  • develop concrete proposals for their adjustment where deemed necessary and
  • determine 10-15 environmentally relevant diseases and risk factors of importance in Germany with their respective disability weights.
  • Where such weights are not available for Germany, a proposal will be developed for calculating them.

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