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Ecologic Institute – 20 Years of Environmental Work

Ecologic Institute – 20 Years of Environmental Work

Radio Interview with Dr. Camilla Bausch in the weekly environment program "Global" on SWRinfo
5 February 2015

The new Director of Ecologic Institute, Dr. Camilla Bausch, spoke with Axel Weiß from the Südwestrundfunk (SWR) about her new position at the Institute. During the interview, Dr. Camilla Bausch talked about the Institute's work and achievements, its 20th anniversary taking place this year, and the Institute's formula for success in cooperation and competition with other environmental think tanks. As a climate and energy expert, she also highlighted opportunities and challenges on the road to the UN climate conference in Paris at the end of 2015.

The recorded program Ecologic Institut - 20 Jahre für die Umwelt [mp3, 11.2 MB, German, 5 February 2015] can be found on the SWR Web Site. Please follow the link to have a listen. The interview is in German.

Speaker: Dr. Camilla Bausch
Editor: Axel Weiss
Program: Global
Broadcasting station: SWRinfo