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DG Environment expresses strong interest in the NETGREEN project

Berlin, Germany

After almost two years of work led by Ecologic Institute on the project NETwork for GREEN Economy Indicators (NETGREEN), the initiative's main output was unveiled: a database for Green Economy indicators. Actually, this product was a multifunctional tool rather than a simple database. The tool helped to identify and understand the best indicators to measure progress towards the green economy. Therefore, it was useful for policy-makers and people trying to influence them. This initiative was of significant interest for the Directorate-General for Environment, as can be seen in an interview with the NETGREEN project team. The interview is available online.

The project consortium collected some of the most important indicators and useful information about each of them. Additionally, an interpretation aid and information about related indicators are provided. By doing, this, provides guidance to policymakers and researchers who want to use and further develop indicators and tools in the field. Hence, does not only stimulate exchange and debate about green economy indicators, while providing an overview about existing indicators; it also helps to identify individually well-matching policy recommendations.

A tool to easily access and understand Green Economy indicators
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