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The Use of Market Incentives to Preserve Biodiversity


Bräuer, Ingo; Rainer Müssner, Katrina Marsden 2006: The Use of Market Incentives to Preserve Biodiversity. Final report for the European Commission. Ecologic Institute, Berlin, Germany.

Frans Oosterhuis (IVM)
Matt Rayment (GHK)
Clare Miller (IEEP)
Alena Dodoková (CEI)
51 pp.
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Scope of the report
2 Market Based Instruments
2.1 Functional mechanisms of MBIs
2.2 Theoretical considerations
2.3 Analysed MBIs
3 Methodology
3.1 Literature review
3.2 Case Studies
3.3 Cost effectiveness assessment
4 Results
4.1 OECD / EEA database
4.2 Summary of biodiversity relevant MBIs from the project database
5 Theoretical Considerations to Optimise the Cost-Effectiveness of Market Based Instruments
6 Analysis of Implementation of Market Based Instruments
6.1 Taxes, fees, charges
6.2 Subsidies/support, grants and funds
6.3 Tradable permits
6.4 Eco-labelling
6.5 Financial mechanisms
6.6 Liability and compensation
7 Most Promising Examples
7.1 Taxes, fees and charges: The UK Landfill Tax Credit Scheme (LTCS)
7.2 Subsidies/support schemes, grants and funds: Results orientated subsides, auctions and insurance grants
7.3 Tradable permits: Mitigation banking with protected areas or endangered species
7.4 Eco-labelling: Marine Aquarium Council
7.5 Financial mechanisms
8 Policy Recommendations
9 Conclusions
10 References

Markt Based Incentives, biodiversity conservation, Europe, economic evaluation