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Serge Lepeltier: 'Long live Ecologic'


Serge Lepeltier: 'Long live Ecologic'

lepeltierThe French Minister for Ecology and Sustainable Development, Serge Lepeltier, opened Ecologic’s 10th anniversary reception on 25 May 2005 in Berlin. The festivities took place on the eve of the conference "Towards a stronger system of International Environmental Governance". More than 200 guests came together to congratulate Ecologic, meet international colleagues and friends and enjoy one of the first warm evenings of the year overlooking the Federal Chancellery.

Wording of Serge Lepeltier’s speech:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very happy to be here with you today to celebrate the tenth anniversary of a partner, whose reliability and great professionalism I particularly appreciate. These two qualities, that I believe are essential, certainly explain why Ecologic has successfully managed to clear all the obstacles that life naturally decides to put in the way. I really think that your kind of organisation is an important key to environmental governance in the future.

I therefore hope that Ecologic now heads for its twentieth anniversary, with the determination we know it has, and with the serenity which comes to those who have already acquired solid experience.

This experience is even more precious in that it is being put to use today in the service of a cause which is very dear to me. You will of course have guessed that I am alluding to the creation of an United Nations Environment Organisation. Certainly, nothing is decided. Many things remain to be done: first to convince, then to construct. But as always, whether we are talking about the creation of Ecologic or that of a UNEO, we need both a good reason and an act of faith.

Tomorrow, Ecologic will no doubt help us to illuminate our judgement, but also to give us conviction. I hope that this will have the force, and the strength required, so that by next September, at the United Nations, a decisive step is taken towards the creation of a UNEO.

Long live Ecologic, and let us give birth to an UNEO to help our planet remain a welcoming environment for Mankind. 

Thank you.

Serge Lepeltier
Minister for Ecology and Sustainable Development - France


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Photos: Lars Nickel