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Cooperation or Confrontation? Civil Society in Transformation

Cooperation or Confrontation? Civil Society in Transformation

4 November 2019

Meeting the Paris climate targets and transitioning to a climate-friendly, more sustainable society cannot be achieved without extended social alliances. This raises the question of how organizations should position themselves in the future: Will the disputes become sharper and fiercer? Which approaches are taken regarding current social and ecological problems? Is it possible to balance tensions and make compromises that are coherent with ecological and social interests? The Ecological Research Network (Ecornet) invites you to join us in discussing these questions.

This event of the Ecornet Future Forum contributes to this discussion with information from current scientific analyses and creates a framework for political exchange.

About the event series Zukunftsforum Ecornet

Future: The term "Future" has long become a central concept in environmental and sustainability policy debates. Whereas in the past threat scenarios dominated the debate, today the focus is increasingly on the possibilities for shaping the future: What kind of world do we want to make possible for present and future generations?

Forum: Shaping an ecologically sustainable and socially equitable future can only succeed through conversations between politics, science, business and civil society. Ecornet aims to bring together the various actors and offer them a forum for jointly tackling the social problems of our time.

Ecornet: Concrete social problems require concrete proposals for solutions. Ecornet aims to help shape social change towards sustainability and to provide the required scientific basis for this purpose. With thematic and methodological diversity and work at the interfaces between science and society, the eight Ecornet institutes provide answers to the pressing questions of our time.

Ecological Research Network (Ecornet), Germany
4 November 2019
Berlin, Germany