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Online Course on Environmental Law for Russian and German Students

Online Course on Environmental Law for Russian and German Students

November 2020
2 November 2020

Training the next generation of environmental lawyers is crucial for ensuring that environmental law is complied with and can thus serve its function of protecting the environment. Christiane Gerstetter, Senior Fellow at the Ecologic Institute, co-moderated an online course for German and Russian students entitled "Ecolaw and ecoactivism in Germany and Russia".

The exchange was organised by Deutsch-Russischer Austausch e.V. (DRA) in cooperation with Bellona. Leading experts from Germany and Russia introduced about 50 students from various German and Russian universities to the legal framework on, amongst others, air pollution, waste management, climate mitigation and biodiversity in both countries. Another topic of the course was the legal work of non-governmental organisations active in the field of environmental protection. Students also had an opportunity to work on fictive legal cases. The course highlighted differences and commonalities between Russian and German environmental law and its application.

Christiane Gerstetter co-moderated all of the online sessions, contributed to the development of a moderation concept and coached students on solving legal cases.

DRA, Germany
Bellona Foundation (Bellona), Norway
November 2020
German, Russian
environmental law, civil society, Russia, Germany