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Guide to Public Participation According to Article 14 of the EC Water Framework Directive


Guide to Public Participation According to Article 14 of the EC Water Framework Directive

A RhineNet Project Report

The participation requirements (§14) of the EC Water Framework Directive (WFD) launched, for the first time, a broader discussion about participatory approaches in water management. Still, the demand for policies, which are oriented toward the public and public participation, is nothing new. Many forms of participation have been known and tested since the 70's and 80's. Most of them emerged from city and regional planning projects and discussions. In this book, the INTERREG III B project "RhineNet" presents its experiences based on its own as well as external case studies regarding the participation requirements of the WFD in the Rhine basin area.

This final report regarding public participation within the WFD consists of:

  • An introduction to the issue of "public participation",
  • Summaries of case studies,
  • Reports on multi-partner projects,
  • Model projects beyond the RhineNet project scope,
  • Presentation of the jointly reached conclusions regarding the WFD’s participation requirements.

It summarises the results of the project RhineNet - Participatory management of the Rhine river basin.


Lange, Jörg et al. 2008: Guide to Public Participation According to Article 14 of the EC Water Framework Directive - A RhineNet Project Report. RhineNet, Freiburg.

English, French, German
Jörg Lange
Sophie Schmitt
Ulrich Heintz
Ute Ruf
Klaus-Jürgen Boos
Barbara Bennewitz
Stephan Müllenborn
Melanie Zabel
Nik Geiler
119 pp.
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Table of Contents
  1. The RhineNet and its Partners
    1. The Project Partners – a Brief Introduction
  2. Participation – an iintroduction
    1. The WFD in the Rhine River Basin
    2. The Participation Requirement (§14) – the WFD
  3. Public Participation in the Rhine River Basin
  4. Experiences of the RhineNet Partners
    1. The Upper Rhine River Case Study
    2. The Dreisam River Case Study
    3. Reactivating the Saar Floodplains near Hostenbach
    4. The Moselle/Saar International Flood-protection Project
    5. A Charter for Clean Syre
    6. The Alb River-Bank Restoration in Karlsruhe
    7. The “Flood Experimentation Field” in Karlsruhe
    8. Workshop on River Continuity of the Rhine
    9. The Neckar River Basin
  5. The RhineNet Joint Projects
    1. A Ship full of Paintings
    2. Big Jump – Swimming, like in the old days
    3. Role Playing
    4. Trans-Rhine – The Rhine Minister’s Conference on 18.10.2007
    5. The Rhine Parliament
    6. Web-based Rhine Information System
  6. External Experiences and Examples
    1. Water Wilderness on the Ill River
    2. The Restoration of the Birs River in Basel
    3. Early Public Participation by the Freiburg Regional Council
    4. Public Participation by the Agence de l’Eau Rhin-Meuse
    5. The Local Agenda 21: The Eurodistrict Ideas Competition
  7. Conclusions
    1. Experiences and Case Studies
    2. Improving the Water Quality
    3. Cross-border Participation
  8. Further Information
    1. Literature
    2. List of Documents
Water Framework Directive, public participation, participation requirement, Rhine River Basin, Art. 14 WFD, water management, Rhine, Europe