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Ethics, Transparency and Accountability


Ethics, Transparency and Accountability

18 March 2003

Dr. Grit Martinez, Fellow at Ecologic Institute and Advisor to the Water Integrity Network, moderated the seminar Beyond Water Bribes: How to build a Corruption-Resistant Water Sector? at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul on 18 March 2009. Ecologic Institute had already co-convened an awareness-raising event showcasing the new Water Integrity Network (WIN) at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico.

The event in Istanbul combined a keynote speech, with short presentations of cases from different regions and an audience discussion. Speakers with practical experiences of actions to improve ethical behavior in water presented cases and introduced tools and strategies that have the potential for wider replication. Much attention was given to the questions how the water sector can take sector-focused actions and how to best target the poor within corruption preventing programmes. A follow-up of this seminar will take place during Stockholm World Water Week with the aim to publicly launch global strategic partnerships for water integrity action. Further information is provided on the WIN website.

The Water Integrity Network (WIN) was formed to support anti-corruption activities in the water sector worldwide by forging coalitions that can take action in ways that individuals or single organisations cannot. WIN yearly carries out a variety of events and activities to raise the awareness of the impact of corruption in the water sector, to deepen the understanding of mitigating tools and to support the formation of effective coalitions, partnerships and activities at local, regional and global level.

18 March 2003
Istanbul, Turkey
corruption, transparency, integrity, ethical behavior, water sector, anti-corruption tools, WIN, World, 5th World Water Forum