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Ecologic Institute among Top 10 Environmental Think Tanks in 2010 Global Ranking


Ecologic Institute among Top 10 Environmental Think Tanks in 2010 Global Ranking


Berlin, Germany / Washington DC (25 January 2011): Ecologic Institute, based in Berlin, Germany, ranked 6th in the "Environmental Think Tanks" category in the 2010 Global "Go-To Think Tank Index" of the University of Pennsylvania. In the fourth such ranking, Prof. James McGann of the University's Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program tabulated the global ranking. The US-based World Resources Institute (WRI) ranked first among environmental think tanks, and Brookings Institution came in first overall in the ranking.

About Ecologic Institute

Acclaimed for its work in Europe, Ecologic Institute was established in 1995 as a non-profit organisation in Berlin, Germany, to conduct policy-relevant scientific research, and provide science-based policy analysis. On the basis of numerous scientific projects selected in the European Union's framework programmes for research, the institute has become a trusted source of advice and regularly provides reports and briefings to the European Parliament and European Commission services. It also helps the federal and various state governments in Germany and in other countries to improve their environment, climate and energy policies.

Ecologic Institute is a leading voice for the integration of environmental concerns into other policies, government budgets and taxes, the economy and employment, technology and innovation, and foreign affairs and national security. The think tank also works with businesses, foundations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to strengthen awareness, management, and public-interest advocacy.

Reactions from Ecologic Institute

"We are all delighted that Ecologic Institute is appreciated around the world for its policy relevance and scientific excellence, both necessary parts of a successful public policy think tank", said R. Andreas Kraemer, Director and CEO of Ecologic Institute Berlin (Germany), and one of the founders of the research-based policy think tank. "Unique among the top environmental think tanks, Ecologic Institute has no endowment or other institutional support, but wins its grants and contracts in competition. In spite of this disadvantage, Ecologic Institute has become one of the largest and most influential think tanks in Europe."

Michael Mehling, President of Ecologic Institute Washington DC, which was established in 2008 as a legally and financially independent non-profit think tank in the United States, acknowledges that "This recognition comes at a critical time: Given the common challenges and differences between environmental policies in Europe and America, a strong flow of ideas across the Atlantic has never been more important. Our presence on both sides allows us to make a unique contribution."

Sascha Müller-Kraenner, one of the founders of Ecologic Institute and now European representative of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), says that: "The growing influence gives credit to the dedicated staff at Ecologic Institute where experts are consistently able to identify and analyse new challenges and formulate effective responses".

About the Think Tank Index, Prof. James McGann

Launched in 2006, the University of Pennsylvania’s annual “Global Go To Think Tank Rankings” report has become an authoritative source of the top public policy research institutes in the world. The newest rankings are based on a 2010 worldwide survey of 1,500 scholars, journalists, policymakers and peers from approximately 120 countries. The panel nominated and ranked nearly 7,000 think tanks from every region of the world.

"The purpose of the rankings," said Prof. James G. McGann, Assistant Director of Penn’s International Relations Program, and Director of the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as the one who compiled the survey, "is to highlight the important work that think tanks perform for governments and civil societies around the world, often in dangerous and difficult conditions."

Contact and Further Information

R. Andreas Kraemer (based in Berlin)
Kraemer [at] Ecologic . eu
Ecologic Institute, Berlin
Pfalzburger Strasse 43/44
10717 Berlin | Germany
Tel. +49 (30) 86880-0 | /

Michael Mehling (based in Washington DC)
Michael.Mehling [at] Ecologic-Institute . us
1630 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20009 | USA
Tel. +1 (202) 518-2060 | /institute-us/