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Development of a Scoring System for Assessment of Sustainable Seafood

Development of a Scoring System for Assessment of Sustainable Seafood

The goal of this project is to revise and streamline the scoring criteria for the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s sustainable Seafood Watch Program (SFW). The SFW, albeit not without its critics, has been successful in engaging producers and buyers in improving their practices and raising their awareness towards sourcing their fisheries and aquaculture products from sustainably managed operations. In part due to the success of the SFW but also because of its lengthy and complicated procedure to assess a fishery or aquaculture the Aquarium decided to review the scoring mechanism, automate it as much as possible, while enhancing its foundation in solid scientific evidence and management practices, and increase its accessibility and transparency.

Ecologic Institute contributed statistical and indicator expertise in developing the new scoring mechanisms for wild fisheries and aquaculture, which are currently in their testing phases. The two tools are expected to ultimately be integrated into a web-based application, which will enable analysts, reviewers and users to access relevant information from any location.

From a broader perspective, the project is also expected to contribute to attract greater participation from producers and buyers as well as foster continued dialogue between the various stakeholders that are using, managing and protecting marine and aquatic resources.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, United States
Ecologic Institute US (EIUS), United States
March 2011 to August 2011
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fisheries, aquaculture, natural resources, global