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Environmental Policy and Law in Romania


Environmental Policy and Law in Romania

Towards EU Accession

The present analysis of Romania's environmental policy was carried out within the context of preparations for the country's desired EU accession. It is an exploratory attempt to document the current status of harmonisation of environmental legislation in light of the relevant political, economic, legal and social framework.

One year after concrete negotiations on the accession of Romania to the European Union have started, the European Commission has finalised its progress reports on the status of the harmonisation process. Significant further tasks to prepare for accession of the Balkan states are identified in these reports. This book is the most up-to-date report on the current status of environmental policy and legal development in Romania. Environmental problems and their causes, the development of the environmental policy during the transformation process and the status of harmonisation with the EU environmental laws are analysed in light of Romania's political, economic, legal and social framework. On this basis, further actions and advice on the process of harmonisation and the development of Romanian environmental policy are elaborated upon.

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Krüger, Christine and Alexander Carius 2001: Environmental Policy and Law in Romania. Towards EU Accession. [International and European Environmental Policy Studies]. Berlin: Books on Demand.

English, German
Christine Krüger
Alexander Carius
Published In
Series: International and European Environmental Policy Studies
116 pp.
Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of Abbreviations

1 Introduction

2 Romania's environmental situation
2.1 Air pollution
2.2 Water quality
2.3 Waste management
2.4 Nature conservation and soil quality
2.5 Trends

3 Romania's environmental policy
3.1 Strategies and programmes
3.2 Central institutions and players
3.3 Central laws
3.4 Instruments
3.5 Intermediate conclusions regarding environmental policy

4 Accession strategy: progress and shortcomings
4.1 Status of formal legal transposition
4.2 Administrative and economic framework
4.3 Status of practical implementation and enforcement
4.4 Harmonisation status in the various environmental sectors
4.4.1 Horizontal legislation
4.4.2 Air quality control
4.4.3 Waste management
4.4.4 Water quality
4.4.5 Nature conservation
4.4.6 Industrial environmental protection
4.4.7 Noise protection
4.4.8 Chemicals and genetically modified organisms
4.4.9 Energy sector
4.5 Assessment of the accession strategy

5 Conclusions and recommendations for action
5.1 Establishment of administrative capacities
5.1.1 Administrative practice
5.1.2 Strengthening administrative structures on the local level
5.2 Horizontal legislation
5.2.1 Environmental impact assessment
5.2.2 Access to information
5.3 Sector-specific measures
5.3.1 Air quality control
5.3.2 Water quality control
5.3.3 Waste management
5.3.4 Industrial environmental protection
5.3.5 Remediation of contaminated sites

6 Bibliography

Romania, accession, harmonisation, environmental policy, legal development, environmental problems, air pollution, water quality, waste management, nature conservation, soil protection, Europe, EU