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Career opportunities for German scientists living in North America

Career opportunities for German scientists living in North America

2 September 2011
San Francisco
United States

Senior fellow Tanja Srebotnjak moderated a discussion at the 11th annual conference of the German Academic International Network, GAIN, in San Francisco on 2 September 2011.

The discussion featured panelists from German politics, academia and research societies: Professor Dr. Ulrike Beisiegel is the president of the Georg-August University Göttingen, Professor Dr. Jürgen Mlynek is the president of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers and Mr. Uwe Schummer is Member of the German Parliament for the CDU/CSU fraction. The hour-long question-answer session allowed the participants – all German post-doctoral researchers and scientists living and working in North America – to inquire about the chances and various programs, initiatives and political objectives to facilitate their successful return or re-integration into the German scientific landscape. While many of the participants were particularly concerned about the availability and quality of academic positions, other aspects discussed included dual-career challenges and opportunities, academic salaries, and jobs other than the traditional professorship in academic and research institutions. Dr. Srebotnjak is a GAIN member and was asked to moderate the session – one of six parallel discussion rounds – on the basis of her own experiences and professional career as a German post-graduate in the US.

2 September 2011
San Francisco, United States
science, research, German – North American knowledge transfer, environmental careers